My name is Benjamin Sheppard
I make websites, what's your name?
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I love to create websites and do the odd graphic design from time to time. I'm 18 Years old and from the not so sunny South of Wales.
Yeah you mouseover my face, Mmmm

I love the development side of websites, creating and managing databases to work for hundreds of thousands of users.

I also love unique, crisp designs, something that stands out from the crowd but is also user friendly.

I have used PHP, MySql, HTML(4,5), CSS(2,3), Javascript and jQuery. I also use Photoshop and fireworks.
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Anchor Point
`Anchor Point` is a small little website I made to show the progress of a websiteGo To Website
Online Watermarks
`Online watermarks` is a personal project of mine. An easy way to watermark images online for graphic designers and photographers. I used php to allow users to upload, watermark and download their images. Users also have the ability to sign up for an account.Go To Website
My To Do Calendar
`My To Do Calendar` was another personal project. It was created to enable users to make to do lists quickly and easily. Users could log in, create, edit and delete to dos; These were colour coded depending on their category and all generated by php queries.
Hits for points
`Hits for points` was a website I was hired to create. The template was bought so I didnt design the site apart from adjusting a portion of the css. As the system was a `traffic for traffic` business I needed to make it robust enough for many users to view at once. Users could be logged in or logged out, but accessed more features logged in. I also used ecommerce enabling users to upgrade their accounts. Go To Website
St John
I was hired to work on a website for St Johns House Charity. I had to create a CMS system for the backend, to update, edit and delete postsGo To Website
Loaded Arcade
I was hired to work on `Loaded Arcade`, working on the account systems such as recover password and change account details.
Big Bike Games
I was hired to work on `Big Bike Games` making it easy for customers to quickly choose a game from a large wall of pictures. Using javascript and jQuery I made a simple mouseover and display system.
Brynteg - Values Poster
I was hired by my school to create a poster for the lower years that showed each months chosen value. As it was aimed at children it had to be easy to ready and stand out with plenty of colour.
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Feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

You could always follow me on twitter @oBKSo
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